Myriad AudioWall Browser v4.0.23 Beta Release

Myriad AudioWall Browser v4.0.23 Beta Release

Peter Jarrett
Peter Jarrett
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Hi all,

We're really pleased to announce that v4.0.23 has a new product - the Myriad AudioWall Browser. And the best news is that it's FREE to all Myriad v4 users!

The Myriad AudioWall Browser is a very simple product that does exactly what it sounds like - it lets you browse the AudioWall from any PC, even if you don't have any Myriad Products installed on it. It's ideal for rolling out to users who would like to check whats on the AudioWall but you can't justify the need for a full Myriad License - for example you might install it on the Sales Team's computers so that they can search for their Advertisers adverts and listen to them to check that it's correct.

Because we're making this product available free to all Myriad v4 users, you are free to download and install it on to as many computers as you like. (Just make sure that your Windows Server has enough connection licenses to allow all of these new connections!)

With the AudioWall Browser you can search the AudioWall for any audio using any of the normal advanced search features found in Myriad, view the information (including pictures and other notes) and of course just double click to hear the piece.

The installer for this is on the main website and you can see the link to download it as well for the Update Information next to the main Myriad v4.0.23 information - For more information about the v4.0.23 release, have a read of the main release announcement at

Peter Jarrett, Technical Director
Broadcast Radio Ltd.

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