More Myriad Feature Details Plus Information On Myriad Total Subscription Service

More Myriad Feature Details Plus Information On Myriad Total...

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As we approach the final release of Myriad 4, we thought it was time to release a full list of Myriad 4 and AutoTrack 4 features in the form of comparison tables on our website which allow you to see how the 4th generation products stack up against their previous versions.

Check out:

Myriad Comparison Table

AutoTrack Comparison Table

Also new on the website, details of our Myriad Total Subscription service which offers access to the latest versions of our software combined with on-going support for a low monthly subscription fee.
  • Upgrade to the latest versions.
  • Ongoing UK office hour telephone, email and remote control suppport.
  • Includes all future upgrades including (including major releases) while under subscription.
  • Three month minimum period, no long term contract.
Click here for more details on Myriad Total Subscription

Please note that Myriad etc will still be available as a 'outright purchase' should you prefer.

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