File Monitor v1.0.2 Upgraded to Full Release

File Monitor v1.0.2 Upgraded to Full Release

Peter Jarrett
Peter Jarrett
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Hi All,

Note: These releases have since been upgraded to FULL Release status.

Another week, another new tool - this time the Beta release of the P Squared File Monitor. It's available now from the download area at

The tool is a very useful util that will watch 1 or more files and let you know when it either A) Changes, or B) Hasn't changed in a number of minutes. When triggered it sends a notification email to one or more addresses letting you know.

It even supports dynamic filenames using Date and Time strings.

Some examples of good uses would be :

1) Monitor the Myriad daily Play Logs (or the Station Database for that matter) and email you if it hasn't been modified in >15 minutes suggesting that Myriad is not doing anything.

2) Monitor a folder looking for when a new file is dropped in there (perhaps via FTP) such as an Advert Log so you know it's ready for import.

This is the first release of this product and we strongly suggest you test it thoroughly before using on a wider scale.

File Monitor is priced at £30+vat, please contact your account manager for more information.

To request an evaluation license for the File Monitor please contact your sales account manager (either give them a call on 01482 350700 or email and they will be able to sort you out with the username and password as well as license details.

Note: Because this is Beta version, P Squared Technical Support cannot provide normal levels of technical support but as always, we do want your feedback so please post any questions/comments in the Myriad Discussion Forum

Peter Jarrett, Technical Director
Broadcast Radio Ltd.

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