Myiad v3.5 Full Release

Myiad v3.5 Full Release

Liam Burke
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Today, we are happy to announce the full release of Myriad v3.5.

This new version of Myriad has been in development for the past two years and represents a significant step forward for the product line with a number of hotly anticipated features.

As with all new releases of mission critical software, we recommend that you install the updated version alongside your existing Myriad v3.0 install and take some time to familarise yourself with the software (and check it works OK with your hardware) before contemplating putting live 'to air'.

We have completed extensive 'in house' testing of Myriad v3.5 as well as running a prolonged 'beta' program, so don't expect many users to expereince difficulties, but should you encounter any problems, please take note of the situation and submit the details along with your system credentials to

Myriad v3.5 introduces native support for MP3, WMA and Ogg audio files along with innovative new features such as Instant Track and enhanced audio editing options. The system is also Vista compatible although we still recommend you stick with XP Pro if you have the choice.

There are some additional settings and configuration options which you will need to familarise yourself with before you attempt to download Myriad v3.5 so please visit  and read through the release notes carefully before you download the new Myriad v3.5 installer.

Myriad v3.5 is available as a free upgrade to all existing Myriad v3.9 customers. If you are unsure whether you qualify, please contact

You can download Myriad v3.5 today from here:

Have fun!

Big thanks and well done to the dev team who have worked long and hard to get Myriad v3.5 to where it is today.

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