Allowing remote control via Dameware through a firewall

Allowing remote control via Dameware through a firewall

Peter Jarrett
Peter Jarrett
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Dameware is a remote control program available from that allows a remote user to login to your computer remotely and use it as if they were physically sat in front of it.

P Squared has chosen Dameware to perform remote diagnostic and technical support for users that are connected to the internet (and in selected cases where a dial in modem is available)

Although a full description of how to use dameware is beyond the scope of this FAQ, hopefully this will help you get the Dameware utility installed on your computer to allow us to connect via a firewall.

Becuase Firewalls block attempts from remote computers trying to access your network you will need to open 2 ports for us to use to connect to you. Becuase every firewall is configured differently we can't help you with this, but you should find instructions in the documentation that comes with your firewall.

You will need to open and route TCP ports 6129 and 6130 from your firewall to the computer you want us to be able to control.

You will then need to run a copy of \"DameWare Mini Remote Control\" on that machine, and then on the File menu click \"Install Service\". When it asks what machine you want to install it on, enter either LOCALHOST, or the name of the machine itself - this makes dameware install it's remote control 'service' onto the local computer so we can then connect to it. Once this is done, you can actually uninstall the main dameware remote control program, and it will leave the service installed for remote users to connect to.

Once this is done, you will then need to let us know the IP address of your firewall, as well as a username, domain name and password of an account that has administrative rights to that computer.

Usually we just use the local administrator account so if you just let us know the password for that we should be able to connect straight away.

Thats it - we (and you if you choose to purchase a full copy of Dameware Mini remote Control) can now remote control the computer from another computer either inside the firewall, or over the internet.

Note: Before you open the ports on your firewall, make sure that you have set a password on all accounts that have Administrator rights on that computer. Otherwise anyone on the internet will be able to remote control your computer easily.

Peter Jarrett, Technical Director
Broadcast Radio Ltd.

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