How to set networked PC's to get time from one PC (Win2000)

How to set networked PC's to get time from one PC (Win2000)

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How to set all networked PC's to take time from one PC

Note: These instructions are for Windows 2000 only!

If you have a Rugby clock on one PC and want all the PC's on your network to take their time from it, follow the these simple instructions:

Note: This FAQ assumes you have the Radio Clock working fully on a computer

Download the attached registry key file and run it on the PC that has the Rugby clock attached to it (The 'Time Server'). You must not run this registry key on any other machines on your network.

On all machines you wish to include in the time synchronisation (including the one with the rugby clock), right click My Computer and choose Manage. In the left panel, select Services and Applications, then Services. In the right panel, right click Windows Time and select Properties, then change the Startup Type to Automatic and click OK.

On each \"Time Client\" machine you want to synchronise to the \"Time Server\" click Start>Run, type CMD and click OK.

In the CMD window type the following and press Enter:


Where <TIMESERVERNAME> is the windows name of the \"Time Server\" (machine with the radio clock)

Now restart the \"Time Server\" and then once it is running restart all of the \"Time Clients\"

This information is derived from a Microsoft Article on the Microsoft web site;en-us;216734

Warning! Performing this procedure is done so at your own risk.

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