Setting Up Hardware Inputs (PCI1750) To Control Cart Players

Setting Up Hardware Inputs (PCI1750) To Control Cart Players

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Myriad can use hardware inputs from a PCI1750 to trigger a number of events. The most common application is for hardware inputs to control Cart Players so that they can be remote controlled by buttons on your mixing desk or from other external devices.

In this FAQ, we will look at how to use inputs to a PCI1750 hardware card to start the Cart Players however, the same method would be used for using any hardware inputs in Myriad.

1. Close Myriad on the machine you want to use the hardware inputs on.

2. Ensure that the PCI1750 hardware card is installed correctly and is working. See Topic203-9-1.aspx

3. Ensure that the PCI1750 is wired correctly to your mixing desk (or other external device). See Topic207-9-1.aspx#309 for an example using an Alice Aire2000 mixing desk.

4. Run Myriad Config (Start>Programs>P Squared Myriad>Configuration typically).

5. Click on the Hardware Setup button.

6. Select the PCI1750 for the Card Type (the Hex address will be automatically detected)

7. As we are wanting an input in to Myriad to trigger the Play button on each Cart Player, we are interested in the Input lines to the PCI1750. In this example, we will assume that Input lines 1 - 4 will be connected to the hardware output on the mixing desk and so will be configured to Play Cart Players 1 - 4 accordingly.

8. Tick the 'L' column if your want Myriad to trigger on a hardware Low input. This will depend on the device generating the hardware. In simple terms, you can either have it so it is 'off' and Myriad triggers the Cart Player when the hardware is switched 'on' or you can have it so it is 'on' most of the time and Myriad only reacts when the hardware is switched 'off'. This will be determined by the mixing desk but in general, if it does not work one way, try ticking the 'L' column to 'flip' the logic.

Super Tip - You can skip then next 4 steps by selecting the first four Inputs in the Action column and selecting Player Control from the drop down menu. Myriad will automatically fill in the detail for the next 4 steps.

9. Type in a suitable Description for each i.e. Play 1, Play 2 etc.

10. Use the drop down list to select Cart Control in the Action column for each Input (you will see there are a number of other options here which are covered in the Myriad manual).

11. Select a different Cart Player for each input using the drop down list on the Info 1 column i.e. Cart Player 1, Cart Player 2 etc.

12. Select Play using the drop down list in the Info 2 column for each of the inputs.

13. Click on OK to save the changes.

14. Click on File > Exit to close Configuration.

15. Run Myriad and test you remote starts

Tip - If you double click on the Hardware Manager icon in the system tray (an icon with a P Squared logo and some wires down on the bottom right of your start bar by the time) then you can view the hardware inputs in to Myriad to see if it is working. You can also manually trigger hardware inputs from here if you want to test other hardware events.

Also see Topic207-9-1.aspx for how to wire the hardware and Topic203-9-1.aspx for how to install the PCI 1750.

N.B. The same procedure is used to configure Joystick Inputs to trigger Cart Players. See Topic204-9-1.aspx

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