SQL Server Testers wanted!

SQL Server Testers wanted!

Peter Jarrett
Peter Jarrett
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Hello all,

As always we're working on some new versions of our products and we would like to find some customers who would be willing to test out some beta versions that can use a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (or SQL Express aka MSDE) as an alternate to the local database file.

For those that don't know, the main difference is that SQL Server allows you to store your database on a central server making it easier to administrate (if you know what you're doing!) as well as allowing remote systems to operate from the same database.

Longer term this will mean the ability to run stations from centralised music and news catalogues - ideal for larger groups, but also for those with a remote studio that does regular shows from some distance away.

The first thing we are testing is an SQL Server enabled Contacts Directory, so we are looking for either a Scoop or Myriad user with a good understanding of SQL Server or SQL Express (if you don't know what they are then you possibly aren't the right test site for us!) We are hoping to have the test software ready in the next weeks so we are after volunteers asap.

If the tests go well then we will look to implement the same technology into the Station Database in Myriad and the news database in Scoop, and then eventually into AutoTrack for the Scheduling Databases.

If you are interested in helping us out, then please email prereleasereq@psquared.net with the following information:

  • Your name and contact details including a daytime telephone number as well as the details of your station.
  • If you are already a P Squared customer we will need your P-SQUID and also details of which products you are already running and how long you have been using them.
  • We need to know where you will be using this - i.e. at home, on a test computer or in a studio or on-air etc.
  • How many people will you be making it available to use - numbers and the technical level of your users too please.
  • Whether its Scoop or Myriad you are planning to test with.
  • Whether you are using full MS SQL Server 2005 or Express
  • The exact specification of the computer(s) you will use - including the operating system (very important!). We need this for both the SQL server and the Workstations you will use.

Thanks all!

Peter Jarrett, Technical Director
Broadcast Radio Ltd.

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