How To Wire Gina24 Sound Card To Mixing Desk

How To Wire Gina24 Sound Card To Mixing Desk

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Gina Soundcard to XLR's wiring details

What You Need
10 x 3-pole ‘A’ jacks plug needed for the Gina end & 8 x 3-pin Male “XLR” type connector plus 2 x 3-pin Male “XLR” type connectors needed for mixer end.

GINA ‘JACK’ Outputs TO ‘Male XLR’ Inputs on mixer

Jack Tip = Audio + (hot) TO XLR PIN 2 = Audio + (hot)
Jack Ring = Audio - (cold) TO XLR PIN 3 = Audio - (cold)
Jack Sleeve = Screen TO XLR PIN 1 = Screen

8x ‘A’ Type jacks (4x L+R) 8 x “Male XLR” (4x L+R)

GINA ‘JACK’ Input TO ‘Femail XLR’ Output on mixer

XLR Pin 2 = Audio + (hot) TO Jack Tip = Audio + (hot)
XLR Pin 3 = Audio - (cold) TO Jack Ring = Audio - (cold)
XLR Pin 1 = Screen TO Jack Sleeve (Screen)

2x “Female XLR” (4x L+R) 2x ‘A’ Type jacks (4x L+R)

For more details, please consult your mixing desk documentation and

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