Mass imports Carts in to a Song / Jingle category (AT v2)

Mass imports Carts in to a Song / Jingle category (AT v2)

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Mass imports Carts in to a Song / Jingle category (AT v2)

If you have a number of Carts in a partincular Cart Range on the Audio Wall, that you want to mass import in to a Song or Jingle category in AutoTrack v2 then follw these simple steps.

Run AutoTrack v2

Click on the Carts menu/b] option (at the top of the screen) and select [b]Run A General Cart Report.

Select Only Report Carts That Are NOT In The Database - This will then only include Carts that you have not added to AutoTrack previously, avoiding duplicates hopefully.

Hit OK

Type in the Cart Range of the Carts that you want to import and then click on OK.

The Carts will then be litsed in the Cart Reports window.

Select the Carts that you want to import using either the <Shift>, and left mouse button, or the <Ctrl> and left mouse button (for selecting or deselecting multiple Carts) or the <Ctrl> + <A> buttons on the keyboard to select all the Carts in the selected range.

Click on the Mass Import Carts In To A Song Or Jingle Category icon which is the icon at the far right with the AutoTrack logo on it.

Select whether you want to Import the Carts in to a Song or Jingle Category using the by clicking on the text for each. Then select the Song or Jingle category you want to import in to using the drop down list.

Decide whether you want to review each Cart as it is imported to check that the details are correct and add additional information, or whether you just want to import them all in and check them later. Check the Review Each Card Before Saving It option accordingly.

Click on OK.

That is it.

This process is a quick way of getting AutoTrack running. For more details, check the AutoTrack documentation.

Key word search: Auto import, rip, songs, jingles categories, quick start.

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