I have a lot of 'Unscheduled AutoTracks' in my schedule

I have a lot of 'Unscheduled AutoTracks' in my schedule

Liam Burke
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I have a lot of 'Unscheduled AutoTracks' in my schedule

Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer as it could be one of a hundred things but what we can do is help you narrow it down. Run AutoTrack and go to the Auto Schedule tab. Next click on the View button, select an hour that you have been having problems with and click on the View button, this will display the scheduled hour in AutoTrack. Scrolling through the hour should reveal the Unscheduled Autotracks highlighted in red. Beside the unscheduled auto tracks are the category and types that the system failed to schedule them from, this usually offers some indication as to what the problem may be.

If this still does not help then the best thing to do is to send your AutoTrack Database to P Squared for our engineers to look at.

Search key words: unscheduled, songs, autotrack, scheduling.

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