I have scheduled in AutoTrack but nothing appears in Q-NXT

I have scheduled in AutoTrack but nothing appears in Q-NXT

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I have scheduled in AutoTrack but nothing appears in Q-NXT

The first thing to check is that AutoTrack is pointing at the correct Q-NXT database. To do this, click on the Settings menu, select Database Settings and General Settings from the menu. Next go to the Database Settings tab. 

There are actually two Q-NXT settings that both need to be correct for this to work (confusing we know but it has to be this way for the time being for backward compatibility). The top Database Name is for the Myriad v2 Q-NXT Database, click on the Change Q-NXT Database button if you need to change it. The second Database Name setting (under Q-NXT v2.6 Database) is the Myriad v2.6 Q-NXT Database and can be changed by clicking on the Change button. 

If you are not sure what these settings should be set to, fire up Myriad Configuration and click on the Q-NXT Settings button. This will show you which Q-NXT v2.6 Database you are using and clicking on the Settings button will allow you to check which Q-NXT v2 Database it is expecting to connect to. Both of these settings must be the same in Myriad and AutoTrack for scheduling to work. This information will be automatically configured when AutoTrack sets itself up so you should only have to worry about this sort of thing if somebody has a fiddle with the settings.

Please note that for the majority of Myriad users, the Myriad v2 database will be left blank as it is only used when scheduling in to a Myriad v2 system and is not used by Myriad v2.5 or above.

Search key words: blank Q-NXT, send, playout, missing log, Q-NXT database, v2.5, v2, v2.6.

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