Backing up Settings

Backing up Settings

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Peter Jarrett
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Myriad v3.0 and v3.5.9 automatically create a backup of your current settings every time you go into the Settings window. This exports the entire of the P Squared registry key so actually contains all the info for ALL P Squared apps, not just Myriad.

These backups are exported into C:\Program Files\Common Files\P Squared Shared\Backups\Registry

So if you have a problem with a computer where the settings have been altered to the point where you can't easily recover, then you could go to this file location and double click on the last settings file and overwrite your setup with the previous settings.

Be very careful with this though, as it does include some of the Licensing information, so if your Product license was renewed between the backup being created and then restoring it then your License will be invalidated and will need to be re-issued/renewed.

On the plus side, that’s a lot easier than having to re-setup Myriad!

Note: In Myriad v3.5.11 and higher this has changed due to security changes in Windows Vista and Windows 7

Instead, there is now a new button on the Myriad Settings>Advanced Tab that allows you to take a backup of the Settings.

These are then Exported out to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\P Squared\Backups\Registry (or C:\ProgramData\P Squared\Backups\Registry in Vista and Windows 7

Other than that, the restore process is exactly the same as for the earlier versions of Myriad.

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