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Myriad V4 Playout repeating hours

By SimonG - Tuesday, June 12, 2018 2:28:24 PM


I have recently taken on Programme Controller duties for a Hospital Radio Station. We use Myriad V4.0.26

On occasions when we have had a live show and it is returned to the auto control it attempts to play out the hours it has missed.  As it is set to AutoFade this results in lots of jingles, news etc whilst it tries to catch up.

I wondered if it was the result of the fact some people do not soft delete the hours whilst on air.  However it doesn't happen all the time.  Last Saturday a live show was on between 10am - 1pm after this the auto system decided to playout everything from 6am onwards when it returned to auto.  So despite the fact the on air hours were not soft deleted, I cannot see how that happened.

If anyone could shed any light on this I would be most grateful.
By David Boulton - Tuesday, June 12, 2018 4:12:34 PM

Hi Simon,

normally if people are turning the log off when presenting a live show, at the end they press the home button (right hand side of the log) to jump to the current time. If you just start the log again from where it left off then it will have to catch up.

If you have scheduled adverts / promos / etc into the log, then the presenters should just "soft delete" items so the one you want to start automation with will be loaded into a player. If your presenter doesn't turn up, the log will presumable keep playing and move into those hours early - so it's worth considering scheduling those hours and letting the presenter delete things. To soft delete click on the item type icon.

If you haven't seen them, take a look at our v4 tutorial videos