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Warning! Lost Audio Logs with AVG Antivirus and Powerlog Capture

By Andrew Burns - Tuesday, June 20, 2017 12:25:58 PM

We have recently seen 2 examples of machines running Powerlog Capture v4 having a serious problem when processing logs on machines running AVG Antivirus.  THIS HAS RESULTED IN AUDIO LOGS BEING LOST!

Once an hour Powerlog converts the file format for the Standardise and Archive periods set on all logs settings using the Log Processor.  This checks which hours are due to be converted or deleted and carries out these processes, including creating the new lower bit rate files to replace the original higher quality audio.  It then copies these files into place in the log folders using a separate program file called AudioCopy.exe which is stored in "Program files\Common Files\P Squared Shared\Audio Copier"

Unfortunately, AVG has falsely identified the AudioCopy.exe as a virus and had placed it in quarantine, meaning that when the Log Processor calls it to copy the files, the process is blocked and this has resulted in lost audio files.  This will happen the first time a log is processes to be reduced in quality, so if you are storing 7 days at full quality then reducing the files size to keep another 5 weeks, the audio may be lost at the 7 day point when the Log Processor tries to convert the files for the first time.

The resolution to this problem seems to be to add the AudioCopy.exe or the folder it is installed in to the Exclusions list of AVG, then restore the Quarantined file,  However, there does not seem to be any way to restore the lost audio, so we recommend that you check if this problem is happening on your logger as soon as possible to avoid potential loss of logs.