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Annoying Sweeper issue

By paulmoore - Thursday, October 27, 2016 6:24:49 PM

I have been trying to work out whats been going on since we installed V4....

I have a habit of moving my sponsor tag sweeper as the last item in the log before the sweeper, is playing, 

I have at last worked out whats going on....

When you move a sweeper in the log to a new position, say after the next jingle 1 item down so that it can sweep into the song ,
the log stops dead just before the sweeper was meant to play and our silence detector kicks in after a few seconds...

You can hit GO as many times as you like and the log does nothing...
To get the log running again, you have to take myriad out of live mode or switch myriad off with the green/red button.
restart or go back to live and hit GO and it continues down the log.

Has anyone else had this happen?
Didn't do it V3. V3 would sometimes play a sweeper as a normal dry ident but never stopped dead.

By paulmoore - Friday, October 28, 2016 1:42:49 PM

I will do this for an hour and see what it throws up in the debug files, as all our pcs have SSD 64Gb c drives ;-)