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Hardware commands for IRN in autotrack

By Waheed - Friday, August 12, 2016 6:23:29 PM

Hello all,

Im trying to make an auto playlist with the IRN news, 

the IRN switching works when I add the hardware commands manually into the log, but on Auto track the command seems to make the fader go on and off and so the irm news cuts off because the fader is set to pulse.

In the log ive set hardware line 17 to SET at 2.00 
In the log ive set hardware line 17 to CLEAR at 2.02 

Is these commands right?

Thanks for your help

By David Boulton - Friday, September 02, 2016 8:47:12 AM


just change the last programme block cart to a song on the log, then depending on how much the overrun is, it will fade that from the last fadeable item (i.e. song). If the overrun is longer than the last segment, you'll need to turn the last 2 to songs - but Myriad my drop one totally to shave less time off of the other.
Basically you need to make sure these carts are timed so they don't overrun too much.