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Advanced On Air Control and Autofade

By Dan Morgan - Tuesday, June 28, 2016 9:36:19 AM

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At Hillingdon we use OCP to broadcast now playing data to TuneIn etc.  Whilst in automation mode this works fine, but when the station switches to live assist (i.e. the presenter switches to playing audio from the studio), we want the now playing data to come from the studio log.

This problem is partially solved by using Myriad's advanced on air control, so that the automation machine releases control when a presenter requests it, and silently request control in the background so that this is re-establised when the presenter releases it.

However, this creates another problem: when the studio has control, the automation log is still running but gets switched out of autofade mode.  Thus, when automation regains control, the hour is no longer running to time, the news junction is missed and the following hour does not begin on time.

We've attempted to solve this problem via a Myriad command which switches the automation log to autofade at the start of the hour, but this doesn't seem have solved the issue.  I'd be grateful for any suggestions as to how we can switch control between automation and live assist but ensure automation remains in live assist mode!
By David Boulton - Thursday, July 14, 2016 9:02:30 AM

Hi Dan,

When your studio and Automation PC are running the same log, if you change the hour mode on one it changes it on the other.

it might depend on when you are running the command.

I would get the presenter to fire the final news manually then hand control over afterwards, so have the 1st automated hour scheduled as Live assist, then add tthe command in after the first song. Myriad will then be able to adjust the hour. You could also add the command to a particular cart, so this could be a top of hour promo.
If your audiowall is set to "single cart list files" then you can fire a command on Intro / Hook / Extro markers.