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Recording Permissions

By ArroweSound - Thursday, October 29, 2015 9:38:28 PM

Hi All, here's hoping you can help, bit of a wierd one this.

Our main playout Myriad PC using v.3 isn't allowing either admin or oresenters to record into a pre defined cart range.
For example, presenters for obvious reasons don't have full access to Myriad Manager, Autotrak Etc.  They have a pre-defined cart range 1000-3000 to record into.  Cant remember when it was last working ok but this week presenters haven't been able to record into that area (option greyed out).

When I logged in as admin with full access I had the same problem, record into this cart (greyed out) although it would allow me to record into the next available cart simply by hitting the record button.

I have checked our scheduling PC which isn't used on air on a seperate licence (networked to our on air PC) and there is no issue with recording into the same cart range.  Am I missing something really simple? Please help

By ArroweSound - Thursday, November 5, 2015 8:02:19 PM

Hi Craig, thanks for your reply... How do I check this?

Thanks in advance