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BUG Myriad Playout v4 - Log scrolling

By jonesmat - Tuesday, June 30, 2015 9:20:20 AM

When clicking the log page down button but releasing the mouse button outside the boundary of the button, the log will continue to scroll.

Steps to reproduce

1. Open Myriad Playout v4 using a station database that has a populated log
2. Select Log view on left hand tab
3. Move the mouse over the log page down arrow button
4. Depress the mouse button
5. Move the mouse pointer outside the boundary of the log page down arrow button
6. Release the mouse button

The log will continue to scroll down until it reaches the end of the log. Clicking the log 'home' button will take the log position back to home very briefly, but then the log view will continue to scroll until it hits the end.