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Music sweep from a common era

By jonesmat - Wednesday, November 12, 2014 11:10:08 AM

Hi. I am setting up a clock for a show which has a music sweep of four or five songs from a defined era (60s, 70s etc). Each song in the library has era classifications, and each song is a member of our four main rotational categories, A list, B list, C list, Local music (or Held)

Seems quite simple to do, but the results are not as expected.

In the clock, I set up each song selection with just an "era" criteria and leave the category unselected. When Autotrack comes to schedule the hour, it seems to be imposing a category selection according to the rules that are in place at the time. This causes lots of unscheduled songs (because our A list is new music and we don't have any 60s in the A-list).

Is there a rule (or a temporary set of rules) I can apply to make the era selection be made from ANY category?

Thanks in advance!

Matt Jones
Radio Verulam
By Matt Wade - Thursday, November 13, 2014 8:28:11 AM

Hi Matt,

What you can do is produce a 'clock rule' where the only categories it selects from is the B and C list if these contain the majority of your 60s-90s songs. You can then assign that clock rule to a particular point in a clock. At the end of the sweep you can change the clock rule back to your default one and it will continue to schedule as normal.

cheers - M