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Myriad v4.0.23 Upgraded to Full Release

By Peter Jarrett - Wednesday, October 22, 2014 11:54:17 AM

Hi All,

We've just released an updated installer for v4.0.23 of Myriad Playout, AutoTrack and OCP. These fix several issues, but also include a couple of new features - such as the experimental support for analogue controllers to scroll the AudioWall and the Log that we demonstrated at the Radio Festival last week.

These new installers are available from the locations as above and have replaced the older beta release. You only need to download Playout AutoTrack and OCP - the other products are still the same as the prior v4.0.23 beta release. so don't need to be updated.

If you've already installed the older release you will need to uninstall it before you can install the updated v4.0.23 in it's place. If you haven't already upgraded to v4.0.23 then you can just install over the top of prior versions. 
By Peter Jarrett - Monday, September 22, 2014 2:39:02 PM

Note: This has now been upgraded to "Full Release" and is fully supported by the Technical Support team.
We're very pleased to announce that Myriad v4.0.23 is now available as a Beta Version from
This release has quite a big new set of features, particularly in Myriad AutoTrack, but also quite a few fixes and tweaks as well.
Here's a brief summary:

Myriad Playout:
  • AutoFill - You can now use different AutoFill Instant Track Presets for different shows. You actually setup and assign these on the Clock Rules page in AutoTrack, but it's Myriad Playout that will then use these settings to work out which songs are suitable to fill each different show.
  • Commands - There are quite a few new commands and fixes to commands - in particular the new SOCIAL command means you can now send a post to Twitter or Facebook each time a cart that it's attached to is played - for example tweeting a link to an advertisers product each time the advert is played.
  • Log Export to Audition - Some users had problems getting this to launch, this has been fixed in this release.
Myriad AutoTrack:
  • Social Links - (AutoTrack Pro) As well as Audio and Script Links, you can now create Social Links - these are a very powerful way of scheduling posts to Twitter, Facebook or both using exactly the same rules and rotation requirements as other types of Links. For example you might have a collection of a dozen different tweets that you want to send out during a certain show promoting different features. Unlike Social Items directly in the Clock, you can then use rules and hour restrictions etc. to limit which posts are available when and also rotate them to prevent the same message being sent over and over to your Social Media pages. Social Links are treated as normal links schedule and rotate exactly the same as other Links. They can also be added directly to Clocks, or scheduled via Collections
  • Custom Send To Playout - There is a new Custom Playout Text filter option which exports to a text file using a format that you define in a custom INI file. This is ideal for adding in exports to your own custom systems, but also for exporting logs out to Playout Systems that are not directly supported in AutoTrack.
  • AutoTrack Standard for other Playout Systems - You can now use AutoTrack Standard to schedule and send Logs to other Playout Systems - for example you might need a log to go to a sister site running Dalet, or you may just want to use AutoTrack with your current playout system without using Myriad Playout at all. You can also now turn off the Audio Features (like SmoothEdit, Audio Browser and reporting etc.) so that you can enter non-numeric cart numbers as used in some other systems.
Myriad OCP:
  • Radio Player Now Playing - Myriad OCP Pro v4 is the first Playout System to have built in support for sending Now Playing metadata directly into the RadioPlayer database. If you are already on the UK RadioPlayer then it's as easy as registering with and letting them know you are using Myriad, then they will send you all the login details. You then just click Add, Choose Radio Player and then enter those details and OCP will take care of the rest.
There is also a whole load of other changes and improvements as well as fixes to issues found in the previous releases.

Please  remember that this is a BETA version and is not support by the main Technical Support Team except by prior arrangement. You should only install this in a test environment and should NOT install this "live" on-air unless you are confident that you can manage any issues that may arise.

If you don't have a username and password to download these new releases please contact your account manager or email          

By Peter Jarrett - Friday, October 31, 2014 1:06:21 PM

Hi All,
We're extremely pleased to announce that the final beta release of v4.0.23 has now been upgraded to Full Release status and is fully supported by the Technical Support Team.