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Myriad v4.0.22 Beta Release now available

By Peter Jarrett - Thursday, July 17, 2014 12:26:19 PM

Hi All,

We've just found a bug where some users won't be able to launch the tool to export a Log Hour to Audition with this release - we're looking into this now, but for the time being if you need this tool then you should avoid upgrading to v4.0.22.
By Peter Jarrett - Tuesday, June 24, 2014 12:00:05 PM

We're very pleased to announce that Myriad v4.0.22 is now available as a Beta Version from

This release has a couple of big new features in, so please take a moment to have a read of the update information next to each file.

Important Note: Due to the new Segue Editor included in this release, Myriad will no longer work correctly on Windows XP, you must be using Windows 7. It has also been briefly tested on Windows 8, but we still only recommend and support Windows 7

But here's a brief summary:

Myriad Playout:
  • Segue Editor - The Segue Editor has been almost totally rewritten to take advantage of the P Squared SMX Audio Engine (Windows 7 only) allowing much greater control of the segue, which items you can record voice links in between, and (most requested!) the ability to seek to any point in the segue via right click.
  • Cart Player Colours - You can now specify any colour to use for each cart player, not just the 4 pre-set colours used to match the SRM fader knobs.
  • AudioWall Move/Copy window - This has a new look which displays more information about the cart you are moving from and to.
Myriad AutoTrack:
  • Song Display As/By - You can now specify alternate titles and artists for Songs when they are sent to the log - for example a song that is performed by one artist "featuring" another should be listed with the two artists separated and listed in Artist 1 and 2, but previously this meant that the 'featuring' had to be omitted when displaying this in the studio or on a website. Instead you can now set the "Display By" field to show the full artist string (e.g. Artist 1 Feat. Artist 2) in the studio and on your website.
  • Song Reorganiser - The Re-organiser has been totally revamped giving you better filter options and also now has the ability to change Category, Types, Genders, Eras and Styles for each item that you are re-organising.
  • Log Printing - You can now customise the Log Printout by editing the template files to use almost any field stored in the Song, Link or Log Item.
There is also a whole load of other changes and improvements as well as fixes to issues found in the previous releases.

Please  remember that this is a BETA version and is not support by the main Technical Support Team except by prior arrangement. You should only install this in a test environment and should NOT install this "live" on-air unless you are confident that you can manage any issues that may arise.

If you don't have a username and password to download these new releases please contact your account manager or email          

By Peter Jarrett - Monday, September 22, 2014 2:28:00 PM

This release has now been superceded by Myriad v4.0.23