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Myriad Playout, AutoTrack, OCP and related tools v4.0.19 Beta Release

By Peter Jarrett - Wednesday, January 22, 2014 4:19:50 PM

Hi All.

We've just rebuilt and re-released these to fix a couple of minor bugs, but also added in a few extra bits - including in Myriad OCP the ability to select whether you are posting to your Wall or to a Page.

If you've already downloaded and installed the earlier v4.0.19 then you will need to uninstall it before installing the new release, but all your settings will be preserved.

If you are running an older release (v4.0.18 or earlier) then you can just install over the top without needing to uninstall first.
By Peter Jarrett - Friday, January 10, 2014 12:36:26 PM

Hi All,

Another day, another release! - We're very pleased to announce that Myriad v4.0.19 is now available as a Beta Version from

This is a very big release and adds in a load of new features. A full list of the changes for each product can be found in the Update Information next to each download, but a quick summary of the new features are:

  • New Clipping feature in SmoothEdit that clips sections of carts directly to the Pad makes it incredibly easy to build up and rearrange complicated edits such as interviews and news features and packages.
  • New Snapshots feature in SmoothEdit lets you create snapshots of a cart at any point so you can easily "roll back" to a previous version of that audio - for example you may have edited an interview and saved it only to realise you have removed the wrong section - if you took a snapshot before you started, you can easily click back to that previous version of the cart.
  • List View Column Order - you can now rearrange the column orders in Find Cart and the Library. This is stored per user, so different users can have different views of the same data. Just drag the column headers around to position and resize
  • Log Hook playback options - there are now right click options to directly cue and play an item hook for manually teasing the listeners about songs coming up.
  • Support for Advantech Hardware cards on 64 bit OS's - Although we still only recommend 32 bit operating systems, Myriad Playout now has support for the Advantech DAQNavi system which allows their hardware cards to be used on 32 and 64 bit operating systems.
  • Looping Playback support in SMX Mode
  • Myriad Network v4 Support - This release adds support for the forthcoming Myriad Network v4 product
  • As well as various other fixes, this release also contains several fixes for SMX Mode where some audio would get 'stuck' in players after it finished playback.
AutoTrack Pro:
  • Albums - You can now add Album Title information to songs, and there are also many new Global Scheduling rules to allow you to schedule using that Album information - for example, don't play 2 songs from the same album within 3 hours
  • Additional Copyright fields including 3 completely customisable fields
  • Fully customisable Copyright Report Generator - the Report Generator has been rewritten to use custom created configuration files to export any format of Copyright report. Not only does this allow AutoTrack to be used with various other copyright agencies around the world, because it can draw almost any information from the Play Logs, the AudioWall and the actual Song and Link cards themselves it makes it a very powerful tool even for in house use to review information about your scheduling and playback history.
  • A new scheduling report for item plays in any category, as well as several other enhancements to other reports.
AutoTrack and AutoTrack Pro:
  • Advanced Transport Files - You can now export Song and Link Transport files directly from the Search Results - these files are based on the traditional Myriad Transport file, but also contain the Song or Link metadata (such as Title, Artist, Category/Type/Gender/Era/Characteristic and Copyright info) so it's ideal for packaging up an entire song along with all of it information to send to a sister station.
  • Security - There are now several new security permissions in AutoTrack v4 - for example you can now separately assign edit permissions to Songs, Links and Clocks etc. - for example your Music team can add new songs, but can't alter promos or clock layouts etc.
  • As with Playout you can now rearrange columns for the Song and Link Search results and also the Deck viewers
AutoImporter Pro
  • This release also adds a new License Edition to AutoImporter - that allows you to have newly imported content added directly to a Station Database as a new song or link in a specified Category (or <Held>Wink 
  • If you are importing from one of the new Advanced Transport Files then all the extra AutoTrack Song/Link information stored in these will be added to your Station Database. For pricing information for the features in this new edition please contact your account manager via 
As well as all of the above, this release also contains a number of fixes and other enhancements - please have a read of the Update Information for more details.

Important note for Database Admins: To support these new features there are quite a few changes to the database Schema. Myriad will automatically make these changes for you, but if you are running a larger distributed database network you may want to consult with our support team before deploying this update.

Please  remember that this is a BETA version and is not support by the main Technical Support Team except by prior arrangement. You should only install this in a test environment and should NOT install this "live" on-air unless you are confident that you can manage any issues that may arise.

If you don't have a username and password to download these new releases please contact your account manager or email 
By Peter Jarrett - Friday, February 28, 2014 11:23:24 AM

Hi All,

We have identified a small memory leak on this release of Myriad and are working on an update to correct this. Therefore the current Beta version will NOT be going Full Release. As soon as we have an update we will post it here and release an updated build of v4.0.19.

Although the leak is actually tiny, because we aim for minimum reboots it means that any computers left running for a long time (such as automation only playout pc's) would slowly start to use up available memory.