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Checking a machine is alive and doing something if not

By philedmonds - Monday, September 16, 2013 11:33:02 AM

The PSList utility ( can get a list of running processes, on local or remote systems (if remote admin options enabled), so it should be possible to use this in a batch file to check if the AutoImporter process is running on your remote machine. If it fails, because process is not running or system has frozen and you can not connect then run the software on the local machine.

Does the 'standard' Myriad licence enable you to run more than one copy of Autoimporter?

Is this just 'belt and braces' to cover potenital failure, or is autoimporter running on a machine that does other things as well, which may be subject to accidental user 'shutdown'?

In which case you could consider building Wake-on-Lan functionality to power up the machine is it is incorrectly shutdown.
By Matt Wade - Monday, September 02, 2013 1:49:37 PM

Hi All,

Am after some help. I would like the ability for some software to check that a remote machine is running on my network and if there is no answer then launch the Auto Importer on that local machine.

The Auto Importer is very important to the running of the station and if it is not running causes some issues so I am after a bulletproof way of making sure it is running all the time.


ta - M