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Category vs Categories

By WezzleUK - Friday, August 9, 2013 7:29:27 PM

Hi there

Really new to this and I'm of an age I get easily confused . . . 

So I'm keeping things simple to start with I have created a couple of 'Categories' in AutoTrack.  I've imported some songs into the AudioWall in Playout.  In Playout I chose a now populated cart, right click and choose 'Edit Cart Audio and Details using SmoothEdit', Select 'Music' as 'Content Type' whereby 'Category' changes to 'Pop' for no apparent reason, click Save and then Close.

In AutoTrack I click 'New Song', type in the 'Cart No' of the Cart I just edited in Playout, select my own 'category', tick a Styles Tag I previously created and update the Release Year, then click OK and Close.

Return to the Playout AudioWall, right click the same cart and choose 'Edit Cart Audio and Details using SmoothEdit,' as before but now the 'Category', for no apparent reason is 'B-List'.

Should the Playout 'Category' reflect the AutoTrack 'Categories' i.e are they linked? If not can they be edited or what is the difference and why?

Or is my installation corrupted or something? Or is my brain addled?


By WezzleUK - Tuesday, August 13, 2013 4:46:48 PM

Thanks guys.  That got me through that problem - onto the next!