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Hardware/software interface for remote monitoring

By Matt - Friday, July 20, 2012 2:21:45 PM

Hi folks

Nothing related to Myriad, but I thought someone here might have some ideas for me.

I'm looking for a way of interfacing some of our monitoring gear to a PC and then triggering a command (batch file).

For example, sending the open/closed relay signal from our silence detector to some sort of USB/serial interface that would detect the closed contact and trigger some software running on the PC to run a batch file. Once I get the batch file triggered then I can do what I need to do (email alerts, etc).

We have a few bits of kit with outputs like this that I'd like to monitor (silence detector, current studio on-air, alarm system, etc). They've all got normally open relay outputs, but I have no way of interfacing these with a PC and associated software.

I'm trying to avoid building something myself, so does anyone know of any off-the-shelf hardware/software that will do what I need?