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How to get clocks to start on the hour

By ArroweSound - Saturday, February 16, 2013 11:53:46 AM

The problem of presenters not clicking on the home button before going into automation is easily solved.  In Myriad settings there is a tickbox option to always set the log to Home prior to autofade.  It might help :-)
By IHR - Monday, May 28, 2012 10:11:22 AM


We have quite a few pre-recorded shows, which are defined in the clocks to directly access the carts. We are wanting these to start at the top of the hour and override anything else that may be playing. Unfortunately, some of our presenters, when they put Myriad back into AutoFade fail to click on the home button thereby causing the schedule to have a huge over-run. In turn, this can mean that when in comes time for one of these shows, it does not go out at the specified time.

Basically, is there a way of forcing the schedule to start a clock at the specified time, whether there is an over run in the previous hour or not?

We are using Myriad v3.6.2 and AutoTrack v3.1.51. All clocks that are defined are deliberately just over the hour (aim for about 1hr 10min, filled with songs from the AT database) so that there is not an under run and Myriad can then drop songs if needed, but the carts with the shows are under an hour long.


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