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Voice Tracking problems

By Neil Hollins - Tuesday, May 1, 2012 1:34:56 PM

I have an issue with how Myriad v 3.6.2 is playing out voice track links and would be grateful for help please. 

The volunteer who voice tracks the links tells me the following:

When recording the link he positions it carefully to work with the extro / intro of the song
On playout when broadcast, Myriad often re-positions the start / end of the voice track link thus making it sound awful

I'm assuming this might be because Myriad needs to make adjustments to ensure the hour is delivered exactly to time in A-Fade mode


Neil Hollins
107.5 Switch Radio
By Neil Hollins - Thursday, May 24, 2012 7:57:30 PM

Hi David,

The presenter doesn't have his own log in so uses the generic one. 

Another presenter has previously experienced the same problem. 

I'll ask the presenter concerned to note any specific incidents and then get a recording together.  

Thanks for now.