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RB-OA3 3 Studio On-Air Switcher

By NiddNet - Tuesday, June 26, 2012 3:37:54 PM

Hi Mark

Since you haven't had any replies yet, I thought I'd come in (in my state of newness) and offer what I can.  We have the OA3 at Harrogate HR - and I have the book kicking around too - and I'm pretty sure you can download it from Sonifex too - it's a single book for the majority of the RedBox range.

The OA3 has an indication line to show which studio is on-air, which I'm sure you could use to go into the Advantech - though I believe, from memory (and I may be wrong) it's the same line which drives the 'Accept' light (which is steady on, in the on-air studio).  As long as the Advantech can handle this voltage (which again from memory is around 15VDC at a fart of mA) there's no reason why that shouldn't switch Myriad as you wish.

How to actually configure the Myriad side of things - well, that's beyond me, as I'm *VERY* much a Myriad Novice at the moment.

If you wanted to go the 'other way' and have Myriad control the OA3, I think you'd be going up a steeper hill, as you'd have to define logic to control the 'Offer' and 'Accept' buttons - especially if you use the 'Sustain' option of the OA3 (press Offer and hold Accept to send on-air to 'Studio 3')...

I'll finish this post here, but see if I can find the link to the manual, and get it up here for you... I hope my ramblings have been vaguely useful.
By Mark Carney - Saturday, June 30, 2012 2:34:59 PM

Many thanks for the reply Ross, its the 1750 card part that's been buging me, not sure of what pins on the card is used to connect to the RB-OA3 back panel pinouts?

Ideally looking for a point to point example with 1750 commands, (dummy guide I suppose) supprised there is not one on here already as others must use this or the Alice configuration?
By Mark Carney - Friday, April 13, 2012 6:39:58 PM

Hi to all,

I have a question that I should already know the answer to but for the life of me I cannot find my original paperwork.

What I would like to know is can I control Myriad via our RB-OA3 3 Studio On-Air Switcher (Studio RB-OA3R ) and our PCI 1750 cards, currently we are duel switching which is a right pain. Ideally what I would like is the RB-OA3 3 Studio On-Air Switcher to not only switch the transmission audio output but also switch Myriad over from the Automation PC or previous live studio to the current studio, currently we manually switch myriad by hand!

Has anyone on the forum done this and if so can you give me the appropriate wiring details please.