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Schedules are not appearing in Myriads Station Log

By Andrew Burns - Wednesday, April 27, 2011 1:47:27 PM

If you are able to create schedules which you can view in AutoTracks Schedule Viewer, but these are not being transfered to Myriad, then you may need to change a few settings.

The first thing to check is that you have chosen the option to Send to Playout from the dropdown box you can see on the Scheduling window in AutoTrack.  If you have got this dropdown set to Don't Send to Playout, then you will need to change this to Ask or Send to Playout.

Assuming that all the above settings are correct, then we may need to look at the Database Settings window to change which Myriad database AutoTrack is looking at in order to send the schedules.  You can find the Database Settings option in the Settings menu.  Once there, go to the Playout Settings or Myriad settings tab to see if AutoTrack is connected to any playout systems.  If there are no playout systems listed in the main box, then click on the Plus button on the right to add one, otherwise, double click on the Myriad system with the tick against it.

Once in the Add/Edit Playout System window the first thing to do is to select the correct version of Myriad from the drop down list at the top of the window.  If you have Myriad 2.6.x then select the Myriad 2.6 option if you have any Myriad 3.0.x to 3.5.x version you will need to chose the Myriad 3.0 option.  You should now be able to choose the database you would like to connect to by clicking the Select button and then double clicking on the one you would like.

If you do not see any databases in this Choose Database window, but you know that Myriad can see one, then you will need to check that the Myriad and Autotrack software are both looking to the same folder for the Myriad Data Location.  This can be checked in both products by looking at the Myriad File Locations windows in the Settings menu.  If these do not match, the you will have to change one to match the other, but be aware that changing these settings can cause problems, and it would probably be worth speaking to a technical support engineer at P Squared before doing so.