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Has Nexus been given 3.5 status?

By Mark Carney - Monday, November 01, 2010 12:05:59 PM

Hi again,

I should have added that on the same page you will notice that the latest version of Nexus as dated below shows its for 3.5.11, can anyone confirm this will work with 3.5.16 please.

9th September 2009


Nexus v1.0.11 Beta Release (For use with Myriad v3.5.11)

Also on a separate note why can we not edit our own posts? tried both Firefox (My preferred) and Internet Explorer both with the same results, you do not have permission!
By Peter Jarrett - Monday, November 01, 2010 12:27:06 PM

Hi Mark,

You're spot on - is it a typo, there isn't a Beta of Nexus currently, and the title should say 3.5.11 and higher (which we've now edited it to say!)

Thanks for letting us know

Oh - and we've tried resetting the Forum permissions (again) so you might be able to edit your posts now - there seems to be a bug in the forum software where it keeps clearing that setting, but lets see what happens!


By Mark Carney - Monday, November 01, 2010 10:57:39 AM

Hi to all,

Can anyone please give confirmation that Nexus has been given 3.5 status as it is currently showing a beta version 3.5.16 in beta?


Nexus v1.0

Latest Version Beta Version


Beta Version


I only ask as I am about to try the 3.5.16 suite and knowing you can not mix and match 3.5 versions wanted to known before upgrading from our current version 1.011

That said I also note its not available to download so am I correct in assuming (Never assume anything!) that this is simple a typo on the above software version page on the main site.

Look forward to your reply, never called the office as hate wasting the office time as there is more important work for you guys and girls than me asking stupid beta version questions.

Keep up the good work and great support and thanks for another beta release its nice to know a product is continually being developed as this gives peace of mind knowing you guys will listen and react to market developments as and when they change, long live Myriad and all who use her.