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Myriad v3.5.15 Upgraded to Full (including RES/RVT/Ad Manager etc.)

By Peter Jarrett - Monday, June 14, 2010 2:33:54 PM

Hi All,

Note: These releases have since been upgraded to FULL Release status.

The Myriad v3.5.15 Beta release is now available now from the Myriad v3.5 Support Pages -

By comparison to previous updates, this is a HUGE update and contains quite a few new features as well as a few bug fixes.

First thing is that this is probably the largest simultaneous release we've ever done - we are publishing 10 new Myriad/related products at the same time. Basically all members of the Myriad family, Myriad Network and OCP.

Some of the New Myriad Features include:

Nearby Play history on the More information window - this shows you nearby plays/schedled plays of an audio item as far as the Scheduled Log is concerned.

Title Lookup - you can now search the internet by Song Title - the default is to use Last.FM. This and Artist lookup now support MusicBrainz as well

Import Wizard now automatically detects and scans USB devices as they are plugged in making it much easier to bring in new files from portable recorders etc.

Import wizard has a new link to take you straight to the music download service that we are now offering - please contact for more information.

Scheduled Log now shows "Next Segue" in a coloured bar making it much more obvious how long you have left.

Myriad Network users will also see lots of changes, also for speech based stations.

We strongly recommend that you have a read of the Update Information for full details.

Important: Please note the following:

If you are installing Myriad v3.5.15 on a computer that also has other v3.5 programs installed (such as Myriad Advert Manager or the Audiowall Auto-Importer then you must also upgrade these to the v3.5.15 versions - you cannot mix-and-match v3.5 programs on the same computer.

The Advert Manager also recieves a few updates and fixes, most importantly regarding distribution of adverts across multiple breaks in hours.

We are also releasing new v3.5.15 releases of Myriad Anywhere and Monitor, also Remote Voice Tracking and Edit Server so if you are using earlier beta versions of these tools then it's definitely worth upgrading to these new beta versions.

Windows 7 and Vista users should also now benefit from no longer having to manually install the CD Ripping feature, but if you do then please see for more information.

To request access to evaluate this version (if you don't have it already) you will need to contact your sales account manager (either give them a call on 01482 350700 or email and they will be able to sort you out with the username and password as well as license details.

By Peter Jarrett - Thursday, July 22, 2010 11:17:17 AM

Hi All,

These have now all been upgraded to FULL release status