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Powerlog Client v4 - Feature Suggestion - export to Myriad Audiowall

By philedmonds - Saturday, January 30, 2010 3:57:44 PM

A useful function would be the ability when saving out audio from Powerlog client - as well as the various audio file formats to be able to export directly to a cart on the Myriad Audiowall.

Current we have to save the audio file and then import it into Myriad.

The only downside to this 'simple' idea that I can see is to do with user rights - but as the audiowall edit rights are stored in the PSquared Directory - it should be doable in theory.

Of course the technical bods at PSqaured towers might come back and say that just because they have ready made code for browsing the audio wall, and importing audio in the Myriad code - actually porting this into the Powerlog client might be easier said that done.

Also I realise that a lot of the users of Powerlog will be using playout systems other that Myriad - but it could make a good selling point!