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BootStuff v1.0.7 Beta Release now available

By Peter Jarrett - Monday, January 4, 2010 2:22:17 PM

The BootStuff v1.0.7 Beta release is available now from the BootStuff v1 Support Pages -

The major change is much better support for Vista and Windows 7 Users will as BootStuff no longer stores its configuration information in the registry.

Support for 64 bit OS is also much better as BootStuff now detects the correct location for the Program Files Folder on x64 systems.

BootStuff is a free download and you do not need a password to download it. P Squared Technical Support are unable to provide direct support for this application. This is a beta version so you should read the update Information and Beta Explanation carefully before installing.

As always, please post any feedback in the forums.