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Myriad Advert Manager v3.5.12 now available

By Peter Jarrett - Wednesday, December 16, 2009 1:42:12 PM

Hi All,

We are extremely pleased to announce an early Non-Denominational period present for Myriad customers - Myriad Advert Manager v3.5

The Myriad Advert Manager v3.5.12 release is now available now from the Myriad v3.5 Support Pages -

This is a completely new product, not just an overhaul of the original v2.6 Advanced Advert Manager. It works fully with Myriad v3.5 but also contains dozens of improvements over the original.

The main features are:

- As well as 'Plays per Hour' you can now set an Advert to have a number of 'Plays Per range' allowing you to easily spread an Adverts Plays across multiple Hours - See the documentation for full details of this powerful new feature.

- You can now mark an Advert to have a 'Tail' piece of audio to play at the end of an Advert Break

- New reports to allow you to review how many adverts are currently due to be scheduled for each hour as well as number of adverts already in the Scheduled Log

- Scheduling has been overhauled to give a much better result when lots of 'Colliding' Adverts are scheduled

- Built in 'Import Database' feature to import and convert old Advanced Advert Manager v2 databases

- Completely integrated with Contacts and Users Directory to replace the old 'Clients' system

- Completely re-written 'front-end' to match Myriad v3.5 adds dozens of new features including SmoothEdit, Import Wizard, Audio, Copyright and Schedule Reports etc.

The Advert Manager also comes with built in 'Quick Reference' Help (just press F1) as well as a DOC version available to download from the main page.

We strongly recommend that you have a read of the Update Information for full details.

Note: The Advert Manager is available as a separate download as it requires it's own License Code. All Myriad v3 users who have purchased at least 1 license multipack are entitled to a free copy of Advert Manager for use at their station. This offer is limited to 1 license per customer, additional licenses can be purchased by contacting

Important: Please note the following:

Windows 7 and Vista users may still need to manually install the CD ripping feature please see for more information.

To request access to evaluate this version (if you don't have it already) you will need to contact your sales account manager (either give them a call on 01482 350700 or email and they will be able to sort you out with the username and password as well as license details.

Because this is Beta version, P Squared Technical Support cannot provide normal levels of technical support but as always, we do want your feedback so please post any questions/comments in the Myriad Discussion Forum.