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Understanding why Carts are added to the Log as a Song/Link/Advert etc.

By Peter Jarrett - Wednesday, November 04, 2009 11:45:13 AM

In Myriad v3.5 there are several different mechanisms that can be used to describe what "Content Type" a cart is. These are used in several places in Myriad, but in particular they are used when manually adding a Cart to the Log - e.g. by Drag-n-Drop.

This can cause some confusion when you have a Cart which you think should be going in as one type, but is actually going into the log in another - i.e. you drag an 'Advert' in, but it ends up as a 'Link' in the log.

When you add a Cart to the log, Myriad checks the various Content Types in order and the first match it finds is what gets used.

The process Myriad uses is:

  • Check the 'Database' for information from AutoTrack
  • Check the 'Database' for information from InstantTrack
  • Check the 'Content Type' marked on the actual Cart via SmoothEdit (see note)
  • Check the 'Cart Ranges' specified via the Log Importer
  • If still no match, then just import as a Cart.

Note: At the time of writing, the following Content Types are mapped to Log Item Types:

  • Music -> Music
  • Adverts/Spots -> Adverts