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All Scoop Edits quit on startup with a \"Type Mismatch\

By Peter Jarrett - Wednesday, September 22, 2004 10:55:49 AM

Note: This solution is more likely to help you if ALL of your Scoop Edit terminals have the above problem. If it is only 1 computer then it is more likely to be a problem with the configuration of that 1 computer rather than the problem shown below

This can happen if someone has accidentally created some invalid files in the Scoop Database Location.

Typically this can happen if as well as all the 2004xxxxxxxxx.ORG files someone has created some copies in the same folder as these get called \"Copy of\"

The Index Processor can't understand these filenames so the information it puts into the Index is invalid. This then causes Scoop Edit to crash when it tries to read the index

To correct this, quit from all Scoop Edit and Capture computers and then go into the folder that your Scoop Database is stored in and check that all the filenames are correct - i.e. if it ends in .org or .str then make sure the rest of the filename is just a long number.

Once you have deleted any dodgy files, on the Scoop Capture computer, double click on the indproc.exe program (usually in c:\\program files\\P Squared\\Scoop Capture) and this will then create a new index file without the corruption.

You can then restart Scoop Edit and Capture and all should be well.