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Setting up Remote Control Access with

By Richard Payne - Friday, May 18, 2007 2:49:36 PM

How to use

1) Create yourself an account on the website.  The free option is best (unless you want to pay for the extra features of course! Smile)

IMPORTANT INFO: Due to recent changes by, you can no longer add secondary users to the free account - so you must be prepared to tell P Squared Technical Support the Email Address and Password you used to create your account.

2) Login to the website on the machine that you want to make available for remote control and click the "Add Computer" link.

3) It will ask to download some software which you should agree to and follow the wizard through. 

4) Once the software is installed, your computer should appear on your account in the My Computers section.

5) Click the "Users" link on the toolbar and then click on the Secondary Users link.

6) Click "Add New Secondary User" and type (or whoever else you want to have access to your systems) into the email address box. 

7) Make sure that all computers that you want this user to access are in the "Assigned Computers" list and then click the Send Invitation button.

By David Boulton - Thursday, July 19, 2007 9:38:57 AM

We will also need a vaild Windows Username and Login or a computer access code that you can setup in the logmein access.

If you are not sure what username & password you use to login to your PC, press Ctrl, Alt, Del and the window that appears will provide you with the username - you then just have to find out the password Tongue