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How can I use Multiple Configurations with AutoTrack v3

By Peter Jarrett - Wednesday, April 4, 2007 1:15:06 PM

CAUTION: The procedure detailed below modifies your Computer's Registry which is a very dangerous thing to do if you aren't familiar with the details. ALWAYS TAKE A FULL SYSTEM BACKUP BEFORE USING THIS PROCEDURE. This information is supplied without warranty, and if you decide to use this procedure and your computer does not work afterwards, we CANNOT assist you in recovering your data.

Many users are finding that they need to use AutoTrack with several different data locations - for instance, multiple diverse stations in one building, or on a laptop that is used at different locations, therefore needing to connect to different data servers.

If you have Myriad v2 installed, you can just use the "Allow Multiple Configurations" option on the Options Menu in Myriad Configuration, but if you are using Myriad v3 then this option doesn't work in the same way.

In this situation, download the attached Zip file and unpack the contents onto your desktop. You will then see AutoTrack3MultiConfig.REG file which contains the settings needed to get AutoTrack to use Multi-Configs.

This file already contains 2 configurations - Myriad and MyriadLocal, but if you need to add more this can be done by editing the file. If you only need 2, then just double click the downloaded file and follow the instructions to import the details.

If instead you need to add more configurations then follow these instructions:

  • Download the file and then right click on it. Select Edit from the menu and you will see a line that says "ConfigFiles"="myriad.ini MyriadLocal.ini"
  • Edit this line to add in additional Configurations separated by spaces. They MUST end with .INI
    • For example:
    • "ConfigFiles"="myriad.ini MyriadLocal.ini MYOTHERPROFILE.INI"
  • Save these changes and close the editor.
  • Double click on the file as above to import the new settings.