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Delta 1010 Channel 4 Low Volume

By Andrew Burns - Tuesday, March 27, 2007 4:04:25 PM

Some people have had problems with Delta 1010 soundcards seeming to have a much lower output volume on channel 4 (the right leg of the second pair) with a difference of as much as 20dB.  Even though the outputs from the audio playout (Both P Squared and other) software seem to be the same level, the output monitors in the Delta Control Panel register different levels and the actual output is noticeably different. (See Picture)  You may even notice that some audio seems to bleed through from different pairs of outputs when you are not playing anything in the pair in question.

Although this can seem at first to be a physical problem with the breakout box and may lead you to think that you need to replace the unit, this may not be the case.  These symptoms can be caused by settings in the Delta Console changing the function of the channels by enabling the Bass Management options.  This option is only available in newer versions of the driver install, so will not affect older drivers.

To resolve this problem go to the Bass Management tab in the Delta Control Panel and make sure that the General Settings tick box is NOT ticked. (See Pic)