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How to enable dual screen display on a Matrox video card

By Andrew Burns - Thursday, May 6, 2004 4:30:20 PM

Dual screen display is not enabled by default as this could cause problems on a machine with only one monitor attached.

If you have purchased a dual screen video card as an upgrade, please install the drivers supplied. (Refer to documentation supplied with the card for further instructions.) Make sure you enable extra dual screen functionality when asked. Once the drivers have been installed follow the steps below to enable the dual screen function.

If you have purchased a P Squared system with a dual screen video card pre-installed, start at step 11 to enable your second screen

1.   Right click the desktop and select Properties
2.   Select the Settings tab
3.   Click the Advanced button
4.   Select the Dual Head tab
5.   Expand the Features section
6.   Choose Dual Head Multi Display from the options
7.   Click the Settings button at the bottom of the window
8.   Tick the Use Dual Head Multi Display box
9.   Select Use Separate Resolutions and Colour Depths for Each Monitor
10.   Click OK and OK again, if asked, restart your computer

11.   Right click the desktop and select Properties
12.   Select the Settings tab
13.   Click the picture of the right hand number 2 monitor
14.   Tick the Extend My Windows Desktop onto this Monitor box
15.   Select the Resolution and Colour Depth of the monitor to be the same as the Left hand Screen (Usually 800 x 600 and 16bit Colour)
16.   Click OK and the second screen should turn on and show a copy of the same wallpaper that you have on the first screen.
17.   Click OK to exit the Display Properties window
18.   For Myriad use, we recommend that you drag your Taskbar to the top of the right hand screen.
By David Boulton - Wednesday, June 21, 2006 4:08:51 PM

When you have set up your Dual Screen system (as per the above instructions) please ensure that both monitor outputs are set to the same resolution, e.g:

Monitor 1 = 1024 x 768 & Monitor 2 = 1024 x 768

Under certain circumstances, Myriad will fail to initialise correctly if you have mismatched resolutions.

Any questions, please don't hesitate in contacting support via email to