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Problems trying to License "On-line"?

By David Boulton - Thursday, February 08, 2007 1:54:35 PM

If you have problems licensing your P Squared software using the "on-line" method, these may be the causes and the solutions:

1) Firewall - the license wizard communicates with P Squared on a particular port, if this is not open then the communication cannot happen. If you can adjust your settings of the firewall and you are happy to do so, open TCP 6998.

2) Incorrect Details - we check the information that you've put into the license wizard and compare it to a list of people you have authorised us to issue licenses to. If you change your email address we need to know. If the details don't match we can't issue a license.

3) Different PC - When we issue a license code it is issued to a specific PC. If you need to move that license you can release it allowing it to be licensed again (there is a release button on later versions of the license wizard). If you have a hardware faliure and re-install windows, then this is classed as a different PC and you will need to call or email explaining the fault so we can release the code on your behalf.

4) Security Check - if a license is renewed too many times our system blocks the renewals. This means someone who is authorised from your station needs to call us and we can check to make sure that no unauthorised people are trying to use your license.

5) Overdue payment - i'm sorry to say that if you owe us money we will make it more of an annoyance to license the software and in extreme cases you may have to license the software on a daily basis. We are human and we do understand that payments and cashflow can be a problem sometimes. So please talk to us, and we may be able to arrange different payment terms.

By Peter Jarrett - Thursday, March 15, 2007 9:28:46 PM

If you believe your problem is firewall related - or of course if the computer isn't connected to the interner - then we have now launched our new Online Licensing Website which will more than likely get you going.

For more details, please take a look at