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\"Removing From Playout\" vs \"Unscheduling\&

By Peter Jarrett - Friday, September 03, 2004 9:08:37 AM

One question often asked is what (and why) there is a difference between Removing and Unscheduling.

Overall, the Scheduling system has 4 parts to it:


Autotrack schedules songs and jingles into the clock/running order templates. This finished Log is then Stored in AutoTrack's logs. At the end of this process, you may have set Autotrack to automatically then....

Send to Playout:

AutoTrack opens up it's logfiles and then writes a copy of the information into the playout system - usually Myriad, but of course v3 supports many playout systems.

Remove From Playout:

If you decide that you aren't happy with the Log you send to your playout for some reason, you can Remove it. This doesn't affect AutoTrack's Logs - if you then re-send, you will get exactly the same info sent through as last time.


This is where AutoTrack removes the logfiles and erases the Schedule Histories for the date range so you can re-schedule it to get a totally new play list for the same period.

Where it can get a little odd is if you don't \"Remove\" after an unschedule, then you can have the odd situation where your playout (say Q-NXT) has a log but AutoTrack has no record of it.

This of course can be very usefull if you need to leave a log in a database \"just in-case\" (or perhaps for training) while you do some more work on the schedule before removing and then re-sending the 'new' log.

Hope that explains that one :-)