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Myriad v3 - GMT to BST (End Of March) - Clocks Go Forward

By Liam Burke - Monday, October 23, 2006 12:20:38 PM

Myriad v3 GMT to BST (End Of March) – Clocks Go Forward (Part 1)

At the end of March, the time will jump forward by an hour at 1(ish) am effectively meaning that an hour of automated programming will be missed.

Of the two time changes, the clocks going forward is least likely have a serious affect on your automated output. If no action is taken, the system will run normally to around 1am and then the clock will jump forward to 2am. At this point, Myriad will believe that it is overrunning by 1 hour and will proceed to drop all the songs from the 1-2am hour. It can not drop jingles, promos, voice links or protected songs however, so these will play ensuring that the next news break is also missed. 

The best way around this is to schedule as normal but once your log has been ‘pushed’ to Myriad, go in to the Log Screen and go to 1am on the morning of the time change. 

Find the Hour Start marker for the 1am hour and right click on it. Expand the Change Hour Mode option and select Auto from the list.

This tells Myriad not to attempt to back time this hour of automation. 

Next click on the Next Hour button which will jump you on to the next Hour Start marker (2am) and repeat the above process to switch that hour to Auto mode also. Also remember to remove any commands that automatically activate a news service such as IRN and wait for 3 minutes etc.

Repeat one more time with the 3am hour just in case your radio clock takes some time to update


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By Liam Burke - Friday, March 26, 2010 2:12:00 PM

As an alternative, you could use the 'Soft Delete all Items In The Hour' option on the same menu to remove the 1am hour from the log.