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How can my listeners send an SMS Text message to find out the name of the currently playing song?

By Peter Jarrett - Monday, October 02, 2006 3:20:39 PM

Please Note: This information applies to Nexus v1.0.5 and higher.

When Nexus Server recieves a new SMS message it looks to see if it is a Keyword telling Nexus to perform a special action. By default the 2 main actions are "SONG" and "BUY"

If a listener texts in the word "SONG" then Nexus reads the name of the currently playing song from a file called nexus.oar located next to the Nexus.MDB file in the Nexus Data Location. This information is then texted back to the listener. A copy of this message is stored in the "Automatic" folder so you can track which listeners have asked for which song.

If a listener texts in the word "BUY" then Nexus retrieves the name of the song and texts the listener back a hyperlink that allows them to click to buy that track from an Online Store. At present only is supported. You can find out more information about how to earn commission from sales via Amazon by visiting

To setup OCP to create the file that Nexus reads you need to download the attached template file (NexusTemplate.txt) and store it on your OCP computer. Then Click "Add Output" and select a "File Output". It will ask you which source file to use, so change the filter at the bottom to "Text Files (*.txt)" and select the downloaded file as the "Source" file. You will then be asked where this file should be written. Locate the Nexus Data folder (usually M:\Nexus on your file server) and again change the filter to All Files. You should see the nexus.mdb file if you have selected the correct folder. Enter "Nexus.oar" as the filename and click "Save".

From the File Parameters window, turn off "Automatically Add tags..." and then click OK. Finally on the File Output Properties, turn off "Also Copy additional files...." and Click OK.

The next time OCP updates the currently playing information you should see the file appear and you can then text your Nexus system to retrieve the name.