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Scoop and IRN Net Newsroom users

By Peter Jarrett - Wednesday, September 28, 2005 11:33:10 AM

Hi All.

As i'm sure you know, from Monday the 3rd October 2005 Irn will no longer be feeding cuts 'live' over the satelite and you will instead have to download them from the Website manually.

Alternatively, Scoop v3 users can set their Scoop Capture to automatically download these from their server - it will even then automatically attach the correct audio to the correct instead.

The audio is automatically normalised, trimmed and converted to the correct audio format before it is stored on your Audiowall.

We have just released v3.0.15 of Scoop (Edit and Capture) which contains special handling for the IRN FTP server as some users have experienced problems with Scoop losing it's connection to the IRN server and not downloading any further cuts and cues.

Before downloading this update you should carefully read the Update Information which is located next to each download so you are aware of any special precautions you should take.

You should also download and install the latest version of the Source Configuration Files as these are optimised for this version of Scoop.

If you have any questions, please contact P Squared Technical support ( or 01482 383700)

And if you decide to upgrade to this version, please don't leave it until last thing on Friday night :-)