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Scoop Capture and Edit v3.0.11 now available

By Peter Jarrett - Monday, September 12, 2005 11:10:49 AM

Scoop Capture and Edit v3.0.11 have been upgraded to Full Release so are now full supported by Technical Support.

They are available from the Scoop Support area

The changes for each version are listed in the Update Information file - you can read this by clicking the link next to each download. There is also a link to a document that explains our Beta policy.

As well as the changes introduced in v3.0.7 and higher, this version also contains new support for capturing emails (including attached audio files) directly into stories. You will need to download the source configuration files again to obtain the new INI configuration files.

We have also done a lot of work on improving the way it captures from News websites and FTP servers - particularly when audio and text become available at slightly different times.

IMPORTANT: When you run this new version, the information about what it has already downloaded is no longer valid so it has to redownload all the web stories and audio again. You should warn your users that this will happen and ask them to make sure they take copies of any important audio or stories that they haven't used yet.

There are several other minor changes and details of these can be found in the Update Information files next to each download.

If you have any questions/issues, please feel to free to either start a new topic here, or email