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Scoop Capture and Edit v3.0.6 now available

By Peter Jarrett - Tuesday, July 05, 2005 11:02:46 AM

We have just released v3.0.6 of both Edit and Capture as full releases they are now available from the download area.

If you need a username and password, please email giving your station details and license name.

As always if it aint' broke don't fix it, but this version has been in beta for a while with no reported problems.

Information about new features and bug fixes can be found by clicking the Update Information link which is next to each download.

The key updates are fixes relating to SmoothEdit and also improved handling of stories from Sky news and the IRN Net Newsroom service.

Those using Scoop with IRN might want to consider upgrading to the new versions and switching to using the automatic story and audio download method in advance of IRN switching off cut feeds this autumn (contact IRN for more details on dates etc.)

The good news is though that once you have updated and made the switch, Scoop will automatically download the stories and audio together so you no longer have to chop up the audio cuts and manually assign them to each story - quite a timesaver!

As a word of caution, in Scoop Capture, if you have altered the Source configurations then you should take a backup of the corresponding .ini file in C:\\Program Files\\P Squared\\Scoop Capture v3 as these will be replaced with updated versions when you install the new Scoop Capture.

Any questions, as always please post them here.