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Auto-generate \"listen again\" audio files for web

By AlexHeylin - Friday, February 4, 2005 10:23:13 AM

I would like to use powerlog's logs as a source for a set of scripts to automagically generate audio files for some of our shows.

If I set PL to use a 60 min log file instead of the usual 1 min one - how will this affect PL?

How can I be sure it will rollover exactly on the top of the hour (at show-change)?

Is there a script or util in PL that can collate all the logs between x and y time and concatenate them into a single WAV file ready for further processing?

Can this functionality be added in next release? It's VERY similiar to what PL does already... I just want it to make show length (usually an hour) MP3/WMA files, name them and put them in a folder ready to upload etc.

By Richard Payne - Wednesday, June 21, 2006 4:09:27 PM

[quote:58f721a5b9=\"AlexHeylin\"]Other major suggestion - run the server as a service not an application and make the current \"server\" a GUI for the service instead of an application that does the work - then machine won't need to be left logged in etc...[/quote]
This is something that we have already been considering for some time. However, due to limitations in the langauge that we use, writing services is not practical. Basically it would require a complete re-write of a lot of our baseline code (such as SmoothStream).

This will definitely not be happening for v4. Maybe for v5.... Smile